Multiple Girls Get A Brazilian Waxing At Day Spa

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

Now we have to watch to make sure there are no cameras in the "the waxing room"


Its actually quite dangerous if you have no idea of what you're doing, and if you do, to do it yourself, everyone recomends you going to a professional the first few times, so you get used to it first, then if you have enough courage and wanna try doing it yourself, then go ahead, but i must say the lips are the "danger danger" area, careful!

Yes, the lips are the most painful part, cause they're the most sensitive and the meatiest part, so yea that part is painful, everywhere else, just a slight disconfort.

best video ever...i wont do that because i haved just used a razor for mine for 15 years..And i do a great job and i did that b4 it became popular

You get used to it after a while n it doesn't hurt so bad anymore theres also techniques u can use to make it less painful like rubbing the area ur about wax with ice first it kinda numbs the skin and use olive oil so the wax doesn't stick to ur skin down there or ur hands (its actually easy to do urself i don't know how people feel comforatable with a complete stranger looking n touching their hoo-has)... but the first time sucks lol

*lol* Well, YOU try ripping out your hair in such a sensitive area! On the other side, some of thhem were so nervous, you'd think they were getting pierced, or give birth .... "Breeeeaaaathe..."

i work at a spa and quite a few men get braxilian waxes, i can hear the screaming all the way from the reception area sometimes

OMG, looooooool ! Im from Brazil and there its normal, so we dont have screams =(. Sometimes i go with my mom in a spa here in England and it is so funny.

OMG do these women not know they're being filmed? If one of them watches this video... Oh dear...

These girls are wimps. Wow...I get my bikini waxed, and it will hurt A LIIIITTTLLE bit for not even a second. But to yell?! Wow. Not even the first time did I make a noise.

No, you don't need to be scared! Do you have just your bikini line waxed or do you get a full brazilian? Bikini's not too bad. It hurts when the strip's ripped off but that's just 2 sec. so it might be ok! A full brazilian hurts alot and it's gonna be REALLY red but the next day everything's healed up and it looks awesome! :)

Haha! XD It's really painful! I'm having it done myself every month so I know what I'm talking about! It's better than shaving though because waxing lasts longer and the hair grows thinner! It's true: The skin's getting numb and you get used to it! ;)

why don't they water or wet the spot where the hair is going to be removed and then apply the wax strip on. it would make it less painful!

well, the only reason i have watched this is to see if i also dare... nobody fainted, and most of them got like a smile afterwards... doesn't look that terrible, is just like a moment, right? (gulp)

we invented the type writing machine, wristwatch, airplane (yes, Santos Dumont made this, not that Wright Brothers bulshit, go learn about it) , and Brazil is know by soccer, carnaval and....wax!

If you are used to shave, brazilian wax can be painfull... but the more you do it, less painfull it is, and grows less hair. I do it myself every month... because I feel clean when i have my cycle, and i feel very sexy, even in bad hair days..... hehehe

I just had my first brazilian..and BOY was it INTERESTING!! Of course there is some element of pain, but I survived...and am probably gonna keep getting them. The pain is worth the gain ladies! :D


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