Getting a Brazilian in Brazil

woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

Getting a Brazilian wax in Brazil where it was invented


i loved ur video hahahahah ur too cute! and yes... IT HURTS! but get this... the more u do it the less it hurts... cause lots of the hair won't grow back! so if u do it in a regular basis it won't hurt as much at all! :) brazile they wax yo asshole....or do they do it in general......suck I'm gonna hate becoming a woman!

Wow! A very informative and hilarious video. I'm about to get my first Brazilian wax today. Thanks for the heads-up! Wish me luck ya'll!!!

That was hilarious and I love the fact that she does not mess around! She just gets in there and does it, and also laughs at you! I was in Rio a couple of years ago and I wish I had it done when I was there!

I think the presenter hit the nail on the head when she said Brazilian women don't play up like this because they get them done all the time. It's as if the pain is a punishment for letting herself get hairy.

queen bee in culver city,ca... finishes in 5-10min and not painful. guess brazilians aren't best for what they're known for. queen bee has perfected the infamous wax!!!

at least you didn't forget to remove the black hair on your asshole. you need some gym time more than a wax. thats why i like euro girls

you are very brave . not to have a brazilian wax but to broadcast to the world with a beautiful smile in your face...i bet all the male viewers had fun.

omg she gorgeous and funny lol but wow she is really pretty

How adorable! What a cute personality! Thanks for sharing your painful experience! :-) Very funny!

OMG!!! How in the Hell do you get that job?


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