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woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

This was an experiment to show people what some people go through to get all dolled up.


"They may be having fun, but as a Licensed Aesthetician I must tell you that this service was very unsanitary because the technician practising infection control. For client protection the technician should always wear gloves. Also, a roll on waxer should not be used for pubic hair removal. STD's can be spread this way."

"omg she is so shit at waxing, she is doing the wrong technique, i am a beauty therapist, she is a frauuuuuud. she isnt pulling away properly she is pullin the wax strip up PLUS she is using roller wax! and applying it like several timmes in the WRONG direction and NO its not less painfull, she is talking shite"

"im a beauty therapist & i totally argee with what your saying. ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES, protect your hands against blood spots. Hot wax hurts but its the best for doin that area as its disposable & can get deep into the hair folicle."

"What the hell! strip wax for the brazilian? No gloves? the roler system? ok then... 3 easy steps love;

  1. gloves
  2. hot wax
  3. disposable spatulas!


"that is terrible, the therapist should of been wearing gloves, and the roller system is not hygienic as the roller goes around back in2 the wax,taking in any hairs that the roller may have picked up when applying the wax. and it is alot more painful than the hot wax. maybe she should go back to training. she obouisly needs a few pointers"

"roll on wax is very hygienic if you don't reuse the same wax cartridges on your next client and alot more economical and less mess ,less wax burns less everything... copared the old fashion way get with the times people..."

The roller system isn't sanitary in my opinion, the roller rolls all the way around, so there for it can contaminate the wax. I'm also horrified that, that beauty therapist was not wearing gloves... cmon people, OH&S is there for a reason!

Some places use the same wax and you are rigth, its not sanitary. But dont be afraid , have places whem they just use the wax just for one person. You know: " Have places and places. I'm brazilian and i use to make my own wax whith lime and sugar, its the best, i use whith pieces of jeans for take of the hair.

Do you think that the roller wax is sanitary? The roller rolls inside where the wax is and it seems that all the wax would be contaminated. I never liked using that system

I've not used the roller wax, but it does seem to me that as the roller goes back around, it would contaminate the wax, as you said. However, I can't imagine that so many spas use it if it's not sanitary. I really should check it out for myself.

Not sure which brand or type, but as she was using a roll-on system, it's easier to narrow down. Clean & Easy makes a roll-on system that is used by many therapists. And strip was is far preferable to hot (hard) wax for this procedure. I use strip wax for all Brazilian waxing, including my own. It takes more practice to master the technique, but is far more comfortable for the client.

that is totally wrong! first of all hot wax should have been used as the pubic hair is alot more course...secondly the therapist is not wearing gloves,which is very unhygenic especially as she is placing her hand over the area that has just been waxed

Actually, strip wax is far preferable for this procedure. Waiting for hot (hard) wax to cool down leaves the client lying bare naked and exposed for far too long. And the hard wax can be painful when removing hair in certain areas. Most definitely MUST wear gloves, that's very shocking to see!


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