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woman in Bikini with Brazilian Wax job

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People performing various techniques

Hot Brazilian Wax
Hot Brazilian Wax

In this video an aesthetician performs a brazilian wax procedure with a roller, no gloves and strips.


First Time Getting A Brazilian Wax
First Time Getting a Brazilian Wax

A young girl gets a brazilian wax for the first time while a friend records the experience.
Waxing Trends
Waxing trends

Erica interviews aesthetician about popular waxing techniques

Waxing 101
Waxing 101

Hate shaving? The It Moms may have an alternative option for you.
The Waxing Queen
The Waxing Queen

Brazilian Wax Show! Voted Best Spa for a Brazilian Bikini Wax!
The Brazilian Procedure
The Brazilian Procedure

Laurie at Eos explains in detail the whole procedure so you can know what to expect, from start to finish.

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